Saturday, January 22, 2011

1989 Fleer Exciting Stars, Kevin Seitzer

#36 Kevin Seitzer

I attended Royals Fanfest yesterday and here is the very first card that I got signed there. I had bought a card from that featured Kevin as an Indian and that was my main priority for Kevin to sign. But, I make sure to drag my dad along for these events so that I can double up on autographs and he ended up getting the Indians card signed for me.

I have way too many Kevin Seitzer Royals cards and many of them are oddball cards like this one. It sometimes gets a little tedious trying to pick out a card of Kevin to get signed at these events, but I made it a little easier on myself this year. The reason I picked this card is because I knew that if I got it signed, it would be the very next card that I posted on here.

Here is a Kevin Seitzer fact that I was reminded of yesterday at the Royals Hall of Fame exhibit. Kevin is one of three Royals to have had six hits in a nine inning game. His bat from the game, as well as Joe Randa's and Bob Oliver's, was on display at Fanfest.

Later on tonight, or maybe tomorrow, I will try to do a little recap of my experience at Fanfest.


Dave said...

Would love to read your recap. It feels like an exciting time to be a Royals fan.

In related news, I got to check out the new Omaha stadium today. I can't believe how small it is. There isn't even a second deck, save for the luxury boxes. It's gotta be smaller than Haymarket in Lincoln!

zman40 said...

That is crazy. I knew it wasn't going to be huge, but I wasn't expecting any comparisions to Haymarket. I'm still looking forward to checking it out this summer.