Monday, January 17, 2011

1988 Donruss, Ellis Burks

#174 Ellis Burks

Here is the second card from my recent package from Rod. This one features the former Red Sock, White Sock, Rocky, Giant, and Indian, Ellis Burks.

When I look at Ellis' stats, one thing sticks out to me and that is his 1996 season. Prior to '96, Ellis had two 20+ home run seasons. He had 20 in his rookie season in '87 and then 21 in '90. Then in '96, as a member of the Rockies, he unloaded for 40 dingers. It was a career year for Ellis as he made his second and final All Star team and finished third in the National League MVP vote (behind Ken Caminiti and Mike Piazza). He lead the league in runs that year as well as slugging and total bases. One could claim that he was aided by the thin Rocky Mountain air, but Ellis still hit 17 home runs on the road.

After that season, Ellis never hit 40 homers in a season again. But, he did break the 30 home run mark three more times. 2004 was his last season in the Majors and he finished his career with the team he began it with- the Red Sox.

I saw Ellis play in-person six times between 1996 and 2003. He went 5-22 in the games I saw, but three of his hits were for home runs and the other two were doubles. He also drove in 10 runs in those six games.

It always amazes me when I get a new autograph that I can actually read. That doesn't happen very much any more.

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