Sunday, August 10, 2008

Want List

'10 Topps- COMPLETE! Thanks you Brian at Play at the Plate!

'10 Topps Yo Momma Alex Gordon (either back)

'09 Topps U&H Zack Grienke propaganda card

'81 Donruss needs
Bert Campaneris-50
Gene Tenace-241
Ben Oglivie-446
(thanks to Scott at Hand Collated for knocking most of these out)

Alberto Callaspo- '09 Upper Deck #683

If you have any of these cards to spare, let me know and we will work something out.


night owl said...

Well, I didn't time that right. You posted a want list the day after I sent your card to you. Oh well, I can always find another envelope and make another trip to the post office.

zman40 said...

LOL! That's fine. I'm still trying to figure this stuff out. I might be posting this damn thing for a while if it doesn't work like I intend it to.

Unknown said...

WHich address did you use for Eric Davis? AWESOME SUCCESS!

zman40 said...

I sent it to the Reds at Riverfront Stadium back in the '90s.

DeansCards said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Nice Read. It your want list up to date? If so, I will be glad to send you some cards that you need.

Just go to and open an account. I will put some cards in your account and we will ship them out to you.



gcrl said...

zman - i have the 81 donruss dusty baker and jay johnstone and one or two mike jacobs mets cards. shoot me an email at and i will send em out.