Thursday, August 14, 2008

1975 Topps

#615 Dennis Leonard/Webb/Underwood/Darcy

I think that I am a little bit fortunate to have this card. First of all, Loenard ended up in the Royal's Hall of Fame. I've never even heard of the other three guys (which doesn't make them bad players), but I doubt that they ended up in the Mets, Phillies, or Reds Hall of Fame.

Anyway, I was in Iraq when this card was signed. I was deployed for the Army, but my Dad was getting it done stateside for me. Every year, the Royals send out their "Royal's Caravan" to various towns in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, and maybe even Arkansas. They send various contigents out to the states (usually 2-4 current players, a former player, and a member of the broadcast team). In 2005, the former player was Dennis Leonard. My Dad picked up this card for me at the local card shop (which is now out of Leonard cards). Thanks Dad!

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