Thursday, August 14, 2008


A few things that I wanted to put out before I got much further. For one, the scanner that I'm using isn't that great. But, like I said before, I'll take what I can get. Second, I have been having a few problems with this blogging (namely spacing and placing a picture anywhere but at the very top of a post). If anyone could help me on those two issues, it would greatly be appreciated. The third one is the result of the second one. Since I can't post pictures anywhere except at the top of a post, I will be changing my format. Instead of doing every card I have signed from one set at one time, I will be doing each card individually but in the same order that I originally planned. For example, instead of posting my four 1979 cards in one post, they will be broken down into four separate posts.

On a final note, I'm going to a couple of Yankees-Royals games this weekend and won't be able to make any new posts while I'm there, so I might do a couple extra before I leave. In the meantime, go USA (especially baseball, but also for any other American athlete in the Games)!

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