Thursday, August 14, 2008

1976 Topps

I bought this card on ebay for about $3.00 this past spring with the sole purpose of getting it signed. Who, exactly, is Glenn Abbott? Don't know. But, this is what his signature looks like.

In 2008, Abbott was the pitching coach for the Portland Beavers (AAA for the Padres). I got him to sign this card at a Salt Lake Bees game in May. This card reminds me of the 1987 Ed Lynch card because of the multiple chins. I was sort of disappointed that I paid for this card (although it's the only card of the set I have autographed) since two days before I left for my trip I got a box of 1981 Donruss and of course there is a Glenn Abbott in it (but with the Mariners [you'll see it shortly]). And to make matters worse, last week I found a 1982 Fleer Abbott, that I had the whole time. So, this is the Glenn Abbott signature in all of it's glory.

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