Friday, August 22, 2008

1981 Donruss 4

I bet you can't guess where I got this card. Anyway, Rusty is the Royals first base coach. I got this card signed on the Sunday before the All-Star break this past July. I hung around the player's parking lot after the game and Rusty was one of the few players/coaches that actually came over and signed. Because of the renovations at Kauffman Stadium this year, the players take an underground tunnel from the ballpark to the parking lot. So, they can avoid fans now if they want to. In the past, they just walked straight out to the parking lot. When I saw Rusty come out of the tunnel, I asked him if he would sign. He mumbled something and kept going to his vehicle, like just about every other player did that day. Then (unlike every other player that day), he set his stuff in his car and came over to sign. He seems like a really nice guy.

The best part about this card is the old White Sox uniforms. How can you not love those jerseys? Those collars are classic. Plus (they are hard to see here) I like the white socks.

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