Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1970 Topps

A friend of mine in grade school had a box of old cards from 1968-1972. He would let me rummage through there and take what I wanted. There was very few cards in that box of players I knew, but this was one of them, so I snagged it. It's not in very good condition (rounded corners, faded picture), but I'll take what I can get. Oh, and that's some great air-brushing!

Around 1996, I read an article in Beckett of former players that will sign cards through the mail if you send them a check ($3-5$) made out to a charity of their choice. Wilhelm was on that list and this card got mailed out shortly later. Do I know if it's real? No. But what kind of person is going to ask for money towards charity for a bogus autograph?

I don't know much about Wilhelm. I do know that he was a knuckleballin' Hall of Famer. I think that Tom Candiotti played as him in 61*. I just checked his baseball almanac page and found out that he died in 2002.

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