Monday, December 3, 2012

1972 Topps, Fred Stanley

#59 Fred Stanley

Here is a card that I got signed through the mail on Saturday. I sent this card, and one other, to Fred last Monday and I had it back in a mere five days.

Ever since I got my 100th '81 Donruss card signed, I have been going all-out with the TTMs. I sent out twenty last Monday and probably another twenty in the month prior to that. I even went to my first card show in decades yesterday where I loaded up on some more vintage cards to send out TTM, though none of them were '81 Donruss. I got eight TTMs back in the mail today and it was like an early Christmas present for myself. That was the most that I ever got back in one day. I thought about opening one a day until Christmas, but I lack the control to spread them out like that.

Fred played in the Majors for parts of fourteen seasons with the Pilots/Brewers, Indians, Padres, Yankees, and A's. He spent a majority of that time with the Yanks and he played in three World Series with them from 1976-'78.

Fred was a light-hitting middle infielder that hit .216 for his career. He only got into 100 or more games during three seasons and he never hit more than two home runs in a season, which he did three times. He only hit ten home runs in the Majors, but two of them were off of Royals Hall of Famer, Paul Splittorff.

I am curious as to what hat Topps airbrushed over in this picture. Fred was with Cleveland in 1971 and he only played in six games for the Brewers in 1970. Prior to that, he played in seventeen September games in 1969.

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Jim from Downingtown said...

Obviously not an Indians cap (no need to airbrush).

My guess is a Pilot's hat. The background looks like Arizona (spring training site for Seattle/Milwaukee).
I read that during the 1970 spring training, they were still known as the Pilots.