Thursday, December 6, 2012

1972 Topps, Bart Johnson

#126 Bart Johnson

This is another card that I unlocked during the Topps Diamond Giveaway. I sent this card to Bart in early November last year and I had it back nine days later.

Bart pitched in the Majors for eight seasons, all with the White Sox. He made his debut in 1969 as a nineteen year old after playing in only A ball. He was 1-3 that September in three starts and one relief outing. He went back and forth from starting to relieving throughout his career. His best season came in 1971 when he finished the year 12-10 with 14 saves. He appeared in 53 games that season (16 starts) and he recorded 153 strikeouts and a 2.93 ERA despite walking 111 batters.

I am guessing that he started to have arm problems in 1972 since he only pitched in nine Major League games and five minor league ones. He then pitched in forty more Major League games over the next two seasons before missing all of the '75 season. He came back strong in '76 and logged his only 200 inning season and finished the year 9-16 with a 4.73 ERA. He pitched in 29 more games in '77 and that was the end of Bart's Major League career. He pitched in nine more minor league games over the next two seasons, but was unable to get back to the Majors.

At one time, I hated having cards signed in ballpoint pen. Anymore, though, I do not mind it at all as long as it is an older Topps card or an '81 Donruss.


Orioles Magic said...

Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot more of guys who played in the 50s-70s sign TTM as opposed to more recent guys?

Nice success.

zman40 said...

It does seem that way. If you click on a set on SCN from the '60s, it seems that a majority of the players that are still alive, and not in the Hall, sign. But, if you click on '81 Donrusst, here might be a 25-30% that are good signers. And I'm sure it gets worse the more current you get.