Thursday, November 3, 2016

1971 Topps, Grant Jackson

#392 Grant Jackson

It has been well over a week since I posted last and it may be just as long until I post another card. Besides working too much over the last two weeks, I have also been going through the process of buying my first home. We started moving into that today. Once I get this computer torn down, who knows how long before I have it up and running.

Here is a card of Grant Jackson that I got signed through the mail last year. I picked this card up at the Wichita card show to send along with Grant's '81 Donruss card. This card is not the best looking card around, but it is a '71 Topps so I cannot complain. It took just a week to get the cards back from Grant.

That was actually my second try at getting Grant through the mail. I sent him three cards a couple of years before that and they never made it back home. One of those cards was from my Pacific Senior League set, the first and only card from the set that I have lost. Grant is a really good TTM signer, so I wonder what happens when cards never make it back to my mailbox.

With me in the process of moving, I hope I do not miss out on any old returns. It has been so long since I filled out a change of address form that I do not know how long they forward that stuff along. You never know when a long forgotten TTM request will show up unannounced.

Grant's signature has changed a bit from the fake one on the card. It is still a nice looking sig, though.

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