Saturday, July 26, 2014

1991 Topps, Rex Hudler

#228 Rex Hudler

This is the last card from 1991 that I have to post for now. I have been posting cards from this year since early June. This is the first extended run I have on a year of cards since I last posted some '81 Donruss cards.

Anyway, here is the second card of Rex Hudler that I have posted on here. Rex is the color commentator for the Royals TV broadcasts and I was able to get him to sign three cards for me when he showed up to the ballpark for the Royals last home game of 2012. I posted my first card of Rex in February and that card can be seen here.

Rex played in the Majors for thirteen seasons for six teams- Yankees, Orioles, Expos, Cardinals, Angels, and Phillies. He never spent more than three seasons with any team. He never played in a playoff game and he never made an All Star team. He was basically just a journeyman utility player that went where ever he was needed.

Rex lived up to the utility man mantra, too. Just look at his position on this card- 2B-OF. That is kind of a weird combo. But Rex played every position during his career except pitcher and catcher. He got the most action at second base (281 games) while spending the least amount of time at third base (11 games).

I mentioned in my last post of Rex that I wasn't a big fan of his TV work. I caught a bit of Royals game today that he was working and I didn't mind him one bit. I am not sure if he was acting different because he was working with someone new (the game was on Fox Sports 1 rather than Fox Sports KC) or if he has just settled in to the job in Kansas City. Whatever the reason, I am glad for it.

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