Thursday, July 17, 2014

1991 Score, Pete Incaviglia

#3T Pete Incaviglia

It has been almost five years since I last posted a card signed by Pete Incaviglia. I got a trio of cards signed by him in 2008 when he was managing the Grand Prairie AirHogs in the American Association championship. Pete still manages in the Am-Ass, but he is now with the Laredo Lemurs. They are in the Southern Division, so I get the chance to see them play a few times in Wichita. That is how I got this card signed. Laredo made the trip to Wichita early in the season and I was able to get three more cards signed then.

Last time I got Pete to sign, I got Rangers, Astros, and Phillies cards signed by him. This time around, I was able to add him on a Tigers card. He also played for the Orioles and Yankees, but I do not have a card of him with either team. Since he only played five games for New York, there probably isn't even a card of him as a Yankee.

Pete had two stints with Detroit. The first one came in 1991 and lasted all of one season. That year, he hit just .214 in Motown while clubbing 11 home runs and driving in 38. He resurfaced in Detroit seven years later and went 1-14 before getting released.

As a college baseball fan, I have to point out that Pete is still the NCAA leader for home runs in a season (48) and career home runs (100). Even with the juiced bats from the late '90s and early 2000s, nobody could top Pete. With the way the college game is played right now, his records may never be broken.

For some reason, the signature on this card is a little off compared to the rest of my Pete signatures. The big looking "C" thing is not normal from him. When he was signing these cards, some guy was chatting him up and he may have been a little distracted at the time. None of the other cards he signed this go-around looked this way. But, I have seen some certified cards that look similar, so that may be a slower signature he uses rather than the rushed ballpark sig that I usually get from him.

I am hoping to see Pete again next month and was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out with a couple of cards. Pete has a couple of cards out that depict him as an Oriole and an Oklahoma State Cowboy and I would like these to add to my collection. If anyone has them and would like to trade, let me know.

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