Friday, May 13, 2011

2005 Topps, Joe Randa

#UH51 Joe Randa

Here is the first of three cards that I have signed from the Update and Highlight set. While I have posted at least four or five Joe Randa cards on here in the past, this is actually the first signed Randa card that I ever got. And if you are curious as to how I got it, just look at what team Joe is playing for and you can probably figure it out. Yep, this card is a Padrograph. Since it was my first signed Randa card, I must say that I was pretty excited when I got it.

Joe's tenure in San Diego was short. The Royals decided on a youth movement for 2005 and they did not bring Joe back. So, Joe signed with the Reds and he did good enough there to get traded to a contender at the trade deadline. The Reds shipped him to the Padres and, with them, Joe played in his first and only playoff series. Unfortunately, Joe only played in three games as the Padres were swept by the Cardinals. But, that is further than he would have ever got with the Royals.

It looks like the photo on this card is a photo-shopped picture of him as a Red. He is wearing home white in the photo, but the seats in the stands are red. Cincinnati and St. Louis are the only ballparks I can think of that have red seats, but you can never see the ones in St. Louis because the park is always packed.

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