Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2005 Topps, David DeJesus

#474 David DeJesus

Here is a card that I was able to get signed at a Royals Caravan appearance in 2008. The Caravan had a good selection of players as David, Joey Gathright, Billy Butler, John Mayberry, and Frank White all made the trip here. The event was held at Wal-Mart of all places, but it worked out great and I had a good time. Unfortunately, the last two Caravans have scrapped my town from the schedule, so there is no telling if will ever attend another one.

This is the first DeJesus signature that I have posted on here and this is one of the better looking DeJesus autographs that I have. I've seen about four different versions of David's signature and they don't come much better than this, especially on a card.

DeJesus, who was traded to the A's this past offseason, was a fan favorite while in Kansas City. Most fans referred to him as DDJ and I am sure most of them were sad to see him get traded. They are probably even more sad with the fact that the main player we got for him has a 4.66 ERA in four AAA starts. But, we just have to trust "the process", or so we are told.

So far this season, David is off to a slow start. He is hitting just .227 through 26 games and he only has three extra-base hits. He had a start similar to that in 2009 and he finished the season hitting .281. I wouldn't expect anything less than that out of him this season, as well.


Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

That is a nice Dejesus auto, most I've seen aren't much more than a squiggle.

The Lost Collector said...

Nice auto. I know that that some mid 2000's sets were hard to hold a signature, so I'm glad this one stuck.