Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1982 Topps, Willie Aikens

#35 Willie Aikens

The last card before I started my '81 Donruss recap was of Willie Aikens. While he wasn't the first one after the recap, he was the second.

By my best count, this is the fifth card of Willie that I have posted on here. Since his release from prison in 2008, he has been a fixture at Royals Fanfest. Not only does he now coach a Royals minor league team, but he also wrote a book, "Safe At Home", that he sells and signs every year at Fanfest. Because of that, I am usually able to get a card or two signed by him every year. It has gotten to the point that I think I am running out of cards for him to sign.

Speaking of his book, if you ever get a chance to pick it up, it is a good read.

I got this card signed at Fanfest in 2014. I think I have three more cards of him to post. Two are going to be run of the mill and the third will be a fun oddball.

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