Thursday, May 18, 2017

1982 Topps Squirt, Dennis Leonard

#10 Dennis Leonard

Here is a fun oddball that my dad got signed for me at Royals Fanfest last year. We took my son and one of his friends along and my dad found Dennis and got this card signed while the boys and I were standing in line to see the World Series trophy.

This is the only card from this set that I own, so I know nothing about it. By the looks of it, I would guess that the cards came in a three card sheet that were inserted into a twelve pack of Squirt. I think that because there is a bit of perforation on the bottom edge of this card. This card is the same width of a standard card, but it slightly shorter.

Dennis pitched for the Royals for parts of twelve seasons. Over that time, he was a twenty game winner three times and is still one of the top pitchers in club history as he is in the top three for wins, strikeouts, and shutouts. He is a constant at Royals events and I even ran into him once just watching a Royals game.

It looks weird seeing Royals in green on this card. This set was made for A's players.

It appears that today happens to be Dennis Leonard's birthday. Happy Birthday Dennis!

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