Thursday, May 11, 2017

1982 Donruss, John Mayberry

#25 John Mayberry

Here is another Donruss card, just not of the '81 variety. This one comes from their sophomore set and the one major improvement in 1982 for Donruss was the Diamond King subset. While I did not buy my first Donruss pack until 1987, I was instantly hooked on the Diamond Kings when I saw them then. I still like the set and try to get them signed when I can.

I got this card signed by John at a Royals game last year. At Sunday games, the Royals bring in a former player or two and they sign for free in the team's Hall of Fame. That is one of the reasons I like going to Sunday games. Even if I strike out getting player autographs, I know I can always fall back on the alumni signing.

On the day John was there, I had two cards I wanted signed by him. But, I went to the Hall of Fame by myself and could only get one card signed. This one won out over his '76 SSPC card. That just goes to show how much I like Diamond Kings because that SSPC set is legit.

By my best count, this is the eighth card of John Mayberry that I have posted on here.


Jason T. Carter said...

The Diamond Kings from 1982-1990 may be my favorite baseball cards of all time.

JT, The Writer's Journey

Fuji said...

Awesome card! The 1982 Donruss Diamond Kings were made to be signed in black Sharpie.

zman40 said...

Thanks guys. I am glad I'm not the only one fond of the Diamond Kings.