Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1987 Topps, Mike Maddux

#553 Mike Maddux

Here is a card that I got signed outside of Kauffman Stadium last year. It was the last homestand of the season and the Rangers were in town. Mike is the Rangers pitching coach and he showed up to the park in a cab with Andy Hawkins and Jackie Moore. All three guys signed autographs that day, though Mike tried to make an excuse not to.

It was a Sunday, so it was a getaway day for the Rangers. They were leaving Kansas City after the game. All of the coaches had a bag or two when they got out of the cab. Mike had a pull along suitcase and another bag. When he was first asked to sign, he said that he couldn't because of his bags. They guy that asked said it was alright because he would hold his bag for him. So, Mike signed for a couple of minutes and every person he signed for had to hold his bag while he signed their item. It was a little strange, yet comical at the same time.

He signed just one of the three cards I had of him that day, but that was one more than he signed for me the previous year. That time, I tried to get him inside the park in the bullpen. It was a little before game time and he was in there waiting for the starting pitching to start warming up. I finally got his attention and he came over and caught my autograph book I dropped down to him. He took one look at the single card I had of him, his 1990 CMC Albuquerque Dukes card, and looked back up to me and asked if I had any Major League cards of him. I told him that was the only card I had and he threw the book back up to me and walked off. It seems like Mike doesn't like to sign his minor league cards.

So, if you ever have the chance to get Mike Maddux's autograph, make sure you bring a Major League card of him.

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