Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2006 Tristar Prospects Plus, Luke Hochevar

#P-9 Luke Hochevar

Here is the second card of Luke Hochevar that I have posted on here. The first one I posted of him was a Team USA card from his college days. Now I have a minor league card of him and I'm sure the next card will be a Major League card.

I got this card signed at Fanfest in 2009, just like Monday's post.

The last time I posted a card of Luke, I talked about his consistency. Little has changed since then. So far this year, he has had a couple of decent outing sandwiched between some awful outings. I've had the misfortune of seeing him pitch in two of the three Royals games I have been to and they have not been pretty. He surrendered seven earned runs in the first inning of the home opener against the Indians. Then, earlier this month, he couldn't make it out of the third inning against the Yankees while serving up seven more earned runs. And, to add to my poor luck this season, Luke is slated to pitch in tomorrows game that I am attending against Baltimore. I'm just hoping to see a near-quality start out of him.

Luke is pictured as a Burlington Bee in this card. The Bees play in Iowa as a member of the Midwest League. I attended a game there in 2009 and they have a really nice field. They are no longer affiliated with the Royals, however, as they and the A's swapped Midwest League teams prior to last season.

This is the first Tristar card that I have posted on here. I'm not really familiar with the 2006 Tristar set and, in fact, I don't even remember where I got this card. All I know is that it is an insert card from the set and I think it came out looking good signed.

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That one does look nice. It's almost as if the space is perfect for an auto. Nice addition.