Thursday, December 23, 2010

2004 Topps Total, Scott Hairston

#659 Scott Hairston

Here is a card that I got in a random package about fifty weeks ago. The package was from Paul, of Paul's Random Stuff, and in it included about twenty new autographs for my collection, as well as a few Royals cards.

Scott is the brother of Jerry, Jr. and they are the sons of former big leaguer, Jerry Hairston, Sr. For some reason, though, I can never remember which brother is which. And to make things more complicated for myself, both of them were members of the Padres last season.

Scott had a rough season this past summer. He played in 104 games for them, but hit a measly .210 in 295 at-bats. He only had 10 home runs after hitting 17 each in the previous two seasons. Scott hasn't reached free agency yet, but I believe that he is arbitration eligible. After this past season, he should just take whatever the Padres offer him.

I do not know how Paul got this card signed, but I would be willing to bet that he got signed through the mail. This is the second Scott Hairston card that has been given me by fellow bloggers. It may be another year before I get to posting the first one.


Anonymous said...

I didn't get that card signed. Back when the Tucson Sidewinders were the Diamondbacks' AAA affiliate, I used to trade with a collector... I would get his cards signed by people in the Atlantic League and he'd get Pacific Coast League autographs for me. I evidently sent him Scott Hairston cards on two separate occasions because I ended up with a duplicate.

zman40 said...

Nice. I never would have guessed that was how you got it signed.