Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2004 Topps Heritage, Luis Rivas

#242 Luis Rivas

Here is the second of what may be three cards that I got signed by Luis Rivas in 2009 (if another Rivas card never appears on here, then I only got two cards signed by him). I got this card signed in Des Moines, Iowa while he was playing for the Iowa Cubs. The I-Cubbies happened to be playing a doubleheader that day and I was able to get this card signed between games. I posted the first card back in July and it can be seen here.

In my last Rivas post, I mentioned that he did not play affiliated ball this past season. Well, it appears that he didn't play any kind of ball at all this past season and it is quite possible that his career is over. But, I did get to see him play four times in his career. The first time I saw him play was the first time that I had heard of him and that was in Kansas City on Opening Day of 2002. He went 2-4 in that game with a run scored. He went 2-6 over the next two games I saw him play (another with the Twins that year and once with the Indians in '07). The final time I saw him was in Des Moines last summer and he went 1-7 in the doubleheader. So he started off strong, but he fell off as time wore on.

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