Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2004 Topps Total, Kevin Richardson

#787 Kevin Richardson

Here is the second and final Kevin Richardson card that I got signed in Oklahoma City in 2008. Kevin was playing for the Rangers AAA team at the time, the Oklahoma Redhawks, and he signed this card for me by the dugout just prior to the start of the game. The first card that he signed for me can be seen here.

After making his Major League debut in 2009, Kevin had an up and down 2010. He only played in 63 games in '10 and a third of them were at the AA level. At the AAA level, Kevin only hit .235 which is only slightly lower than his career minor league average. Even though Kevin didn't hit spectacuilarly last season, it is still kind of amazing that he didn't play for the Rangers at some point considering that they used five different backstops throughout the course of the year.

According to Kevin's minor league page, he is currently a free agent.


Anonymous said...


You've got a great blog here. I cam acros it through a link frm a Cincinnati auto blog and have been following since.

I collect autos through TTM and in person. I collect Tigers mostly. Strangely, I have a decent amount of Royals cards autographed. Would you ever be open to swapping? I know you have some people send you extras, but I wasn't sure if you did swaps.

Let me know and keep up the great work.

Nate Pasz

zman40 said...


Email me at zman40 at hotmail dot com and maybe we can work something out.

As for collecting autographs, I collect anything and everything. It just happens that KC is my closest team, so I tend to get a lot of autographs from Royals. Therefore, I have a ton of Royals autos and don't really need many more. Also, I don't have too many Tigers autos, but if you want to try to work something out, I am game.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good man. I just sent you an email. Have a good night.