Thursday, September 30, 2010

1992 Fleer, Cedric Landrum

#385 Ced Landrum

Here is a card that I got signed at the lone Kansas City T-Bones game I attended this summer. Ced was the batting coach for the visiting Joliet Jackhammers and I was able to get this card and two others signed after the game.

Ced's Major League career was pretty brief. He played in 56 games with the Cubs in 1991 and 22 games with the Mets in 1993. In those 78 games, he got 105 at bats and he hit .238. He had no home runs and only four extra base hits. In fact, he even finished his career with more runs scored than hits. But, he did steal 27 bases in '91 as a Cub while only getting thrown out 5 times.

One of the cards that Ced signed that day has already been posted at Auto-Matic For the People by Paul. It's his '92 Donruss card that shows him sliding into second. Paul noted that it was a good photo to use for Ced since he had most of his success on the base paths. This photo is probably just the opposite and is probably the last photo you would want used on one of the few cards issued of you. It looks like Ced just accidentally hit the ball on a check swing and is about to try to beat it out. But, I guess a card with a bad shot on it is better than no card at all.

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Paul said...

That wouldn't be my top choice for a baseball card photo, but I've seen worse.