Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1994 Pinnacle, Mike Macfarlane

#488 Mike Macfarlane

Here is the third and final Mike Macfarlane card that I got signed at Fanfest this past January. You can see the first one here and the second one here.

I would write more, but it has been a rough week as a Roayls fan and it isn't getting any better. To sum it up (and to tie it into this post, somewhat) I will relay the thoughts of one postgame caller to the local KC radio station this past Friday. He references Mac-N-Seitz, a Kansas City hitting academy owned by Mike Macfarlane and Kevin Seitzer. He basically said that "there is no way that Kevin Seitzer should be a Major League hitting coach; if the players wanted advice from him, they could just go down to Mac-N-Seitz, drop down a roll of quarters and get all of the advice they needed". And while the hitting hasn't been the problem since the All-Star break (it has been the bullpen), I still thought that it was funny and barely applied to this post.

Brian, your Rangers look to be in good shape for the weekend.

Also, I will say that based on the four cards from Pinnacle that I posted, 1994 Pinnacle had some great photography.


Brian said...

I'd like to think the Rangers will do well against your Royals, but they did well against the Angels, got they're butts handed to them by the Twins, swept the Red Sox, so they'll probably help the Royals feel better by dropping the whole series. The problem now is nobody seems to be able to beat the Angels...

Dave said...

Yeah, it has been a rough week. Even Soria had a rough night last night (on the surface of things anyway -- I mean, bloop hit over a drawn in infield and a sac fly? Whoopie. Don't walk the bases loaded and Soria takes 'em down 1-2-3)

It's amazing to see so many leads get coughed up right now.

Things will get better,, are they bad right now for the Royals

Anonymous said...

It could be worse... you could be a Mets fan. They just dropped 2 out of 3 to the worst team in baseball, and have the whole embarrassing Tony Bernazard situation dominating the media.

The 1994 Pinnacle set had some great photography. I got a box very cheaply a couple of years ago, and it certainly rivaled anything in the early Stadium Club sets.