Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1994 Classic/Best Gold, Bill Masse

#43 Bill Masse

This is the second Bill Masse autograph that I have posted on here. The first one was posted way back in November. If you would like to see it and read a little about Bill and the long wait I had to endure to get this card signed, just go here.

Like the last Masse card, I got this one signed after a San Antonio Missions game last August. Bill lead the Missions to the Texas League playoffs last year but was not retained as their manager (Bill's hitting coach from last year took over the team this year). This year, Bill is in the Mets system and was the hitting coach for the AA Binghampton Mets before getting promoted to the AAA Buffalo Bisons last month.

I don't know much about these cards. The only place I ever found them in 1994 was at the KB toy store in the mall. It didn't seem that I got too many good players in the packs. They had too many Gulf Coast League players in it. It also seems strange that this is a Classic/Best product, but the card I posted yesterday was just Classic.

Since this is the last card that I got signed in San Antonio, I figured I would show a couple of ballpark pictures. Here is the best picture of the exterior that I could get (there was too many trees to get a good one).

And everyone knows that you can't have a ballpark in San Antonio without some reference to the Alamo.

Here is a view of the seating area.

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