Thursday, July 2, 2009

1992 Skybox, John Hudek

#40 John Hudek

Do you realize that it has been a month and a half since I have posted a card from 1993. In that time, I have had a contest, won two contests and took second in a third, posted a picture of my dog, posted three cards from 1968, gone to the College World Series, posted a autographed card from the Royals first round draft pick, and posted seven '81 Donruss cards. That is all going to change tomorrow when I post one more 1993 card before finally starting the '94s on Saturday. I was planning on having a contest to celebrate, but because of the holiday, I will hold off on that one for a couple of days.

Here is my second and final card of John Hudek that I got Astros Fanfest. I know what you are thinking, "only two of him?". Yep, only two. I had a third minor league card of him that I could have taken with me (it was a '91 Line Drive and looked almost identical to this card). But, I was determined to find a Major League card of him. When I couldn't find one, I had forgot about the third minor league card and took off to Houston without it. You can see the first Hudek card here.

John is playing for the Birmingham Barons in this card. The Barons are still around today and they are still affiliated with the White Sox. They gained a ton of exposure in the mid '90s when Micheal Jordan played for them.


Tom said...

This one looks a lot better than the '89 Star. The signature doesn't look as thick...crisper or whatever.

zman40 said...

Yeah, I thought that the blue Sharpie would look better on this one than black so I used my own. Who knows how many things were signed with the black one.