Friday, July 3, 2009

1992 Upper Deck, Kevin Bass

#107 Kevin Bass

Here is the third and final Kevin Bass card. You can see the first here and the second here.

The first thing I noticed about this card was the awesome photograph. It is a super-nice action shot from a different angle. But after I got it signed, the super-niceness faded and I kind of fealt bad for Kevin. Or maybe I don't feel bad for him because he didn't have to do it that way. But, nonetheless, he did sign right across his crotch on this card. That is a first here on "Autographed Cards".

Here is a funny Kevin Bass story from 'Strosfest. When I was about to get my cards signed by him, some guy came up to him from the oppisite direction that the line was going and said "hey, do you remember me form 'such-and-such' event a few years ago when I was with 'so-and-so'?". Kevin had a blank look on his face and said that he remembered the event. The guy said some more things that were supposed to help Kevin to remember who the guy was, but Kevin again answered that he remembered the event. The guy finally got the hint and told him to take care. As he walked off, I heard him tell whoever he was with "yeah, that was Jimmy Wynn".

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Play at the Plate said...

That is a nice action shot even if it does have "over-crotchiness" to it.