Monday, July 6, 2009

1994 Classic, Terry Bradshaw

#58 Terry Bradshaw

Was this not the Terry Bradshaw that you were expecting? What other Terry Bradshaw would be in a minor league baseball set?

I got this card signed last year in Albuquerque. Terry was the Omaha Royals hitting coach and they were in town to play the Isotopes. I got this card signed after the game when the victorious O-Royals were leaving the field. Isotopes Park, like many minor league parks, does not have access to the clubhouse from the dugout. So, the players have to leave the dugout to to get to the clubhouse. In Albuquerque, that entrance happens to be right by the dugout and it provides ample room to stand around to get autographs before and after the game.

Terry is still in the Royals organization. But he is now the hitting coach for the AA Northwest Arkansas Naturals.

In this card, Terry is playing for the Arkansas Travelers. The Travelers are still playing in the Texas League. They are now affiliated with the Angels and have decent looking uniforms. I never realized it before, but the Travs logo says "greatest game on dirt". They apparently still use that logo. I just thought that that was funny since that is what the College World Series bills itself as.

Contest coming up later tonight.

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Orioles Magic said...

This post has great timing for me as I just got Terry's autograph at a NW Arkansas Nats game last week while they were playing the Travelers. He seemed like a really nice guy and even asked permission to use my sharpie to sign a kid's bat.

zman40 said...

That's funny. I'm looking forward to see the autographs that you got.

dinged corners said...

Great card, neat sig, LOVE THE LOGO, love the team name. Excellent!