Thursday, October 2, 2008

1987 Fleer

#216 Max Venable

Here's the second of three Max Venable's that I got signed at a Salt Lake Bees game this past May.

I have a few '87 Fleer, but not many. So, this card and the next three I got from a friend. One day, he searched his basement and brought over all of the cards that he could find. That included his 1987 Fleer complete set. It was complete in the sense that he bought it as a complete set back in '87. But when he brought it over, all of the good rookies and some of the stars were missing. He thinks that he might have traded those away, but isn't sure. Because of that, he never bothered to take the "set" home and it is still here at my house. So, whenever I need a card from a nobody or minor star that played in 1986, I grab one out of his "set". He doesn't mind.

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