Monday, October 6, 2008

1987 Fleer 4

Here's the first card of an active player. All of the previous cards have showcased players that are retired, coach, or are broadcasters. But Jamie is still pitching 21 years after this rookie card was made. And, he's heading to the NLCS. It will only be his second time in a LCS. He was 1-0 for the 2001 Mariners.

I got this card signed just this summer through the mail. I usually don't send cards through the mail anymore, but Andy at 88 Topps Cards showed off an '87 Topps that he got signed. So, I figured that I might as well acquire one, too. It only cost me 80-some cents in postage and a card that wasn't mine to begin with. The only other player I wrote to this year was Chien-Ming Wang. My letter must have got lost in the mail because I never got the card back.

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