Monday, July 10, 2017

1986 Donruss, Ken Howell

#275 Ken Howell

Here is the second card of Ken Howell that I have posted on here. The first appeared here three years ago, shortly after I got it signed. This one was signed at the same time, but it had to wait for its time.

The cards were signed at a Royals game in 2014. Ken was the assistant pitching coach for the visiting Dodgers at the time and he signed the cards for me from the bullpen.

Ken has a really nice looking signature. I wish some of the younger players would take notice.

I love the '80s feel to this card. Ken is pitching a day game in this photo and it is about impossible to tell where he is playing. My guess is Philadelphia, but it could just as easily be Cincinnati, St. Louis, or Montreal.

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