Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2006 Topps, Runelvys Hernandez

#471 Runelvys Hernandez

Here is a quick post about the former Royal and Astro, Runelvys Hernandez, aka Elvis, aka Dos Chins. This is the third and final card that I got him to sign for me during a Round Rock Express game in 2008. You can read about what I had to go through to get this card signed here and my thoughts on Elvis here.

I'm not quite sure what is worse- Topps choosing this photo for the card or me choosing this card to get signed.

Runelvys (I somehow still know how to spell his name without looking) last pitched in the Majors in 2008. He spent 2009 pitching in Korea and 2010 pitching in Mexico. I can't find any stats from him since that season, so I am going to assume that his career is over.

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Ryan said...

I've always loved his name.