Monday, January 9, 2012

2006 Topps, Jason Frasor

#197 Jason Frasor

Here is a card that I got signed during the Royals final home-stand this past season. Jason was pitching for the White Sox at the time and I got him to sign this prior to a Sunday afternoon game in September.

I almost didn't get this card signed that day because of inclement weather. It is almost a three hour drive to Kansas City for me and, although it was overcast the whole way there, it did not rain at all. But, as soon as I made my way down to the seating bowl inside the ballpark, it began to sprinkle. I've had some autographs ruined because of Sharpies hitting one little speck of moisture on the card, so I don't even try to get cards signed in those conditions any more. Because of that, I missed out on Matt Thornton and Sergio Santos that day. But, I waited out the weather and the workouts and I was able to get Jason to sign a couple of cards for me before heading to the clubhouse. I then went over to the Royals side because I thought the Sox were done and I ended up missing out on Chris Sale signing.

Overall, it was not a great day on the autograph front. But, there is only so much one can do when Mother Nature is not cooperative.

Jason was acquired by the White Sox from the Blue Jays in July last season. Since the season has ended, he has been traded back to the Jays.

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Ryan said...

It's pretty crazy what a single drop of water can do with a sharpie. Mark Worrell sweated on my card before signing it last year and the signature was awful.