Friday, September 30, 2011

1992 Upper Deck, Mo Vaughn

#445 Mo Vaughn

Here is another card that Padrograph Rod sent me back in January that I somehow forgot to scan. The one features the former Red Sox, Angels, and Mets slugger, Mo Vaughn.

This is the second Mo Vaughn card that I have posted on here. I posted the first one back in 2009 and it can be seen here.

If you check out my first Vaughn post, you will see that the two signatures are completely different. The first one was obtained TTM in the early '90s and I have no idea how this one was obtained. I looked at some photos of Mo's signature on SCN and I found examples that matched both autographs. The earliest one on there looks just like the first card I posted. That make sense since both cards were signed TTM around the same time.

I also found signatures that resemble this signature. All of the more recent signatures from Mo look like a shortened version of this signature, so that would make me think that this is an authentic autograph. So, that raises one question.

Is my early '90s Mo Vaughn autograph legit? Or did Mo use a ghost signer that didn't even know what to sign the cards with?


Mike said...

This one is legit. I got several items signed by Mo when he was an Angel. They all look like this one. The link to the other card is broken so I can't comment on that one.

Just found your blog a few weeks ago. It brings back memories of collecting autographs in the 90's.

Ladera ranch, ca

zman40 said...

Thanks Mike and I'm sorry about the link. It should be fixed now.

Mike said...

Just checked out the 2008 card. It really appears to be a rubber stamp autograph.

If you're looking for any specific autographed card, let me know. I collected major league as well as minor league autographed cards through the mail and in person in the early to mid-90's. I have a lot of the "obscure" ones that you have.

Ladera Ranch, ca

Laurens said...

The first autograph is his early autograph but from your description and the previous comment, I would agree that it is stamped.