Sunday, September 4, 2011

1989 Donruss, Terry Clark

#607 Terry Clark

Here is a card that I got signed in Omaha in July. The Round Rock Express were in town to face the Storm Chasers and Terry is the pitching coach for the Express. I was able to get this card signed prior to the contest.

Terry had a long career as a professional pitcher, but you would not have guessed that based on the number of baseball cards of him. Terry has a card in each of the five main sets in 1989 and then only one other card after that. When I was trying to dig up some cards of him, I just assumed that he only played in the Major Leagues for one season. Boy was I wrong.

Terry made his Major League debut with the Angels in 1988 and he went 6-6 with them over 15 starts. He only made 4 starts in the Majors in '89 and 1, with the Astros, in 1990. He then disappeared to the minors for four full seasons before resurfacing with the Braves in '95. At that point, he went into full journeyman mode and proceeded to play for six different teams over a three year span. 1995 was with Atlanta and Baltimore, '96 was with Kansas City and Houston, and '97 was with Cleveland and Texas. Terry even pitched for two more seasons in the minors, but he never made it back up to the Show.

When he was all said and done, Terry had pitched professionally for twenty-one seasons and eleven organizations. While he only threw 232.1 innings in the Majors, he did log over 1800 in the minors. That has got to be worth something.


unclemoe said...

I've got some team stuff of this guy but I didn't know he played with the Angels. Good post.


Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Cool stuff, I have an Orioles postcard that Terry signed during his time with the O's but I didn't realize he had so few cards.