Sunday, September 25, 2011

1991 Stadium Club, Bret Saberhagen

#28 Bret Saberhagen

Here is what I beleive is the fourth Bret Saberhagen card I have posted in the past couple of months. I am running out of stuff to say about Bret, so I guess I'll talk more about the card than him.

This is the first card that I have got signed from the inaugural Stadium Club set. The set was so pricey when it came out that I did not buy too many packs. As a result, I have little to rummage through when I try to find cards to get signed.

This card is from the Members Only set and, to be honest, I know nothing about the set. I don't know how they were obtained or how many cards were in the set. All I know is that they say "MEMBERS ONLY" in foil on the front and the backs are completely different than the regular set. The regular set had stats on the back and other stuff while this card here just talks about Bret no-hitting the Pale Hose. And yes, it actually calls the Sox the Pale Hose.

So, even though this card is from the Members Only set, I am still happy to have a '91 Stadium Club of any kind signed.


Paul said...

In the early years of Topps Stadium Club's life, there was an actual club that you could join, complete with membership card. They had season highlight sets for sale via mail-away offers.

They were pretty neat.

night owl said...

Saberhagen is strange-looking without a mustache. He shouldn't be allowed to shave it off.

Play at the Plate said...

That one looks pretty good. It was nice of him to sign in the open area.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I'm pretty sure that I've never seen this card before and it looks pretty good signed!

zman40 said...

Thanks everyone. And Night Owl, you'll be happy to know that Bret had the 'stache at the Menards signing.

Mike said...

Yeah, there was a Stadium Club that you could join. You had to send in like 10 wrappers and $30 I think. They sent you a black box in the shape of a stadium with a box of the "members only" cards, a credit card-like membership card, and some other stuff. I still have it somewhere.

So how is Saberhagen these days? He was always so moody in person. I remember back in 1990 while i was on vacation, he shoved me into a fence outside of the old kingdome. The thing about it was I wasn't even asking for his autograph.