Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some autos from Dave (Goose Joak)

Just over a week ago, I got an email from Dave, of Goose Joak fame, and he wanted my address. I sent it to him and I have been sitting here ever since wondering what he had for me. Well, I found out today when I got home from work and found a package in the mail. Here are the contents.

Dave is an Omaha Storm Chasers (Royals AAA) season ticket holder and he sent me some goodies from the Chasers home opener at brand new Werner Park. First up is the first ever issue the "O-Zone", the Chasers gameday program. It looks like there are a few good articles in there about how the new ballpark came to be and I am looking forward to reading those.

Next up is a photo of Werner Park that was probably given out at a game. The first thing I think when I see that photo is "man, that is a small park for AAA baseball". Dave said it was small when he first saw it in person, but I wasn't expecting it to be that small. I hope that it doesn't look even smaller when I get to see it in person.

At the same time, I am looking forward to a smaller ballpark for Omaha. I went to one O-Royals game at Rosenbaltt Stadium and most of the seats were either empty or covered up by tarps. The ballpark had grown so big to accommodate the College World Series and it eventually outgrew the O-Royals. That doesn't look like it is going to be the case anymore and I am looking forward to a more intimate feel at Chasers games.

The best part of the package, though, were the autographs that Dave got for me. On this card, he was able to get Mike Moustakas, Mike Montgomery, Blain Hardy, Jeff Suppan, Lucas May, and Greg Holland. For those that don't follow the Royals or Chasers, the two Mikes are two of the top rated prospects in the Royals highly-touted farm system, Blaine is an up and coming pitcher, Lucas and Greg both contributed to the Kansas City Royals last year, and Jeff was the Royals Opening Day starter about a decade ago.

While all of the autographs are great, the Jeff Suppan signature is probably my favorite. He spent a few years with the Royals in the 2000s, but I was never able to get an autograph from him.

Thank a lot, Dave! I really do appreciate it.