Saturday, August 21, 2010

2003 Topps Total, Jeremy Hill

#308 Jeremy Hill

In 2008, the All American Ballpark Tour made its first trip west of the Rockies and one of our destinations was Estadio Calimax in Tijuana, Mexico. That is where I got this card signed. Jeremy was playing for the visiting Acereros de Monclova, and with the help of a Monclova fan, I was able to get Jeremy to sign a couple of cards for me at the end of batting practice. He was nice and he seemed pleased to be talking to someone in English.

This is actually the second Jeremy Hill card that I have posted on here. I posted the first one in April and it was given to me by Paul, of Paul's Random Stuff. In that post, I mentioned that Jeremy was pitching for the Angels AAA club. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case since he is now on the voluntary retirement list.

I got to see Jeremy pitch twice in his career. I saw him pitch a third of an inning in Kansas City in 2002 and he gave up one hit with a walk and a strikeout without surrendering a run. The second time I saw him pitch was in Tijuana and he blew the save, but collected the win, while walking three and striking out two in an inning and a third of work. Again, he did not surrender a run (that was his).

I have one more Jeremy Hill card to post on here next week or so. That post is going to be more about baseball in Tijuana than about Jeremy Hill.

On a side note, I'm going to the Royals game tonight. It is a doubleheader, but for some strange reason, it is starting at 6:10. 6:10 is when they start most of their Saturday games and I can't believe that they didn't move the game time up to at least 4:10. Since I have to drive three hours to the ballpark (and three hours back), I doubt that I will be staying for the second game. I would like to be home well before 3:00 am. A doubleheader would have been nice, if it were starting at a decent time.


Dave said...

Wow, I don't remember those jerseys at all.

Enjoy the game tonight!

zman40 said...

Thanks, Dave! I had the best time at a game tonight since I saw Lubanski hit a walk off dinger in Omaha in '07. Yuni with 5 RBI?

Nice point about the jersey. I meant to mention that, but I got in a hurry to get out of town and I forgot. My guess is that it was a jersey that they hand out in the minor league camp.