Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2003 Topps All Time Fan Favorites, Boog Powell

#28 Boog Powell

Here is a card that I got signed through the mail last spring. I sent this card to Boog, care of his BBQ joint at Camden Yards, at the very beginning of the season and I got it back about three weeks later.

For some reason, this autograph looks a little different from some of the other cards I have seen signed by him. This one seems more squished together than most of them. Maybe he had a huge stack of cards to sign and little time to sign them or maybe it is ghost signed. I don't know.

Boog was a four-time All Star with the O's and he won the 1970 American League MVP, as well. I wonder if Topps issued this card as a 1970 card because of the monster year he put up in 1969 (career highs in average, hits, and RBI) or because of his 1970 MVP award-winning season. Maybe some of the other cards from the set that I will be posting will shed a little more light on that.

If you are ever at an Orioles game, make sure you take some cards of Boog with you. You can usually find him around his BBQ stand and I hear that he is really good about signing autographs. I was at an O's game last summer with Ryan, from The Great Orioles Autograph Project, and he pointed Boog out to me while he was just hanging out on Eutaw Street. Unfortunately, I did not have a card of him to sign. In fact, this might be the only Boog Powell card that I own. I know for sure that I do not have one from his playing days.

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Paul said...

That's the only Boog Powell autograph I've ever seen that wasn't giant-sized. It's a definite curiosity.