Saturday, February 16, 2013

1980 Topps, Fred Howard

#72 Fred Howard

This is the last card from the Topps Diamond Giveaway that I have to post. I have very few cards from 1980, so I was more than willing to add one lone card from the decade to my collection. Even though this was the newest card that I had shipped to me, this one was one of the worst condition-wise. It has rounded corners that are peeling back, but oh well. It was free.

This is the only mainstream card of Fred Howard. He pitched in the Majors for just one season and he went 1-5 with a 3.57 ERA over 68 innings. It was back to AAA the following year and he must have ended up hurting his arm as he missed all of the 1981 season. He pitched in just four minor league games in 1982 and two in 1983 before calling it a career.

Fred apparently went to medical school after his playing days were over since he added M.D. to his signature. After doing a quick search, it appears that he is a surgeon in Winter Lake, Florida.

I sent this card to the doctor at the end of last April and I had it back a month and a half later.

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