Saturday, August 27, 2011

1988 Donruss, Robbie Wine

#508 Robbie Wine

I am completely understaffed at work and have been working 55+ hours a week the past two weeks. So, if you have been wondering where I have gone, that's where. The bad news is that there is no immediate end in site. But, I will be working less nights next week, so I hope to post a few more cards next week than I posted this week. The key word there is hope.

Anyway, here is a card of Robbie Wine that I got signed in March. Robbie is the head coach for the Penn State baseball team and I was able to get this card signed at a Wichita State game. Robbie was really nice and he signed all three cards that I had of him.

I got the cards signed on the 20th of March and I was surprised to learn that Penn State hadn't even played a home game yet. By that time, the Shockers had hosted eight home games and six of them were held in February. Now, hosting outdoor baseball in Kansas in February is somewhat questionable since the temperatures barely reach the 40s, but they somehow pulled it off. It just seems strange to me when northern and eastern colleges travel to Kansas for their spring break games.

The one year I played JUCO baseball in southern Kansas, we went down to Texas on spring break to get games in. This past year, I had at least four NAIA schools come through my store that were playing the local Kansas schools for their spring break. That just seems so weird to me. It might have something to do with the economy and gas prices, but is still seems odd. I just never envisioned Kansas as an ideal spring break destination. But if you play baseball for Iowa Wesleyan, apparently Kansas is the place to be in March.

Robbie is the son of former player/manager Bobby Wine. I recently traded for a card of Bobby on the Topps Diamond Giveaway site to send to him TTM for an autograph. If it wasn't for getting his son's autograph, I probably would have traded for someone else.

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