Monday, August 8, 2011

1984 Topps, Rene Lachemann

#67T Rene Lachemann

Here is the second Rene Lachemann card that I got signed last month in Colorado Springs. Of the three cards that he signed for me, he signed this one last. I bring that point up because he signed the first two cards sideways (just scroll down to the next post to see what I mean). Then, when he got to this card, he started turning my book left and right, trying to find the best place to sign the card. He then decided that it would probably be best to sign it diagonally and that is what he did. I really didn't see anything different from this card to the other two, but it looks like Rene did. Personally, I like the way this one came out the best.

Rene only managed the Brewers for the 1984 season. They went 67-94 that year, finishing seventh. He was replaced by George Bamberger the following season.

Rene didn't manage again until the Florida Marlins came into existence in 1993. He was at the helm of the expansion team for its first three and a half seasons. While the team obviously never went to the playoffs, they also never lost 100 games in a season. That seems pretty good for an expansion team to me.

After that, Rene has just been a coach in the Majors and minors with one exception. That one exception came in the 2002 season when he took over as the interim manager of the Chicago Cubs after Don Baylor got fired. The Cubs lost that game and Bruce Kimm was hired as the manager the next day.

For Rene's managerial career, he lead his teams to a 428-560 record. That my not look too good, but its not like he ever managed a good team.

This card is the first Topps Tiffany card that I have got signed. Compared to the rest of the '84 Topps cards that I have, this one has yellowed a little bit. You can't really notice it by itself, but you can when it is around other regular '84 Topps cards.

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