Friday, July 29, 2011

1980 Topps, Jim Wright

#524 Jim Wright

Here is the next to last Topps Million Card Giveaway card that I have to post. This one features Jim Wright, one of three Jim Wright's to play in the Majors. I sent this card to Jim on January 15 and I got it back on February 4.

Jim had a very short Major League career- just two seasons. He did pretty well in his rookie year when he went 8-4 with a 3.57 ERA in 24 games (16 starts). He even recorded 5 complete games with 3 of them being shutouts. But, the following year, Jim must have ran into some arm trouble as he only appeared in 11 games and did not pitch in the minors that season. That was the end of his Major League career.

Jim still pitched in the minors for parts of three seasons before hanging them up during the 1982 season. Even though he only pitched in 35 games in the Show, Jim still had a fourteen-year career in pro ball.

Of the three Jim Wrights that played, I now have autographs from two of them. The third one pitched in four games with the Browns in the '20s, so I doubt that I am going to be obtaining his signature any time soon. Two out of three will have to work. The other Jim Wright can be seen here.

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