Thursday, July 14, 2011

1973 Topps, Paul Spilttorff

#48 Paul Splittorff

Here is the final Paul Splittorff card that I will be able to post on here. I got this card signed on Opening Day this year at Kauffman Stadium. Paul was part of the Royals pre-game show and I was able to get this card signed between filming at Rivals Sports Bar. I was pretty excited when I got it because it was the only card that I got signed that day. But, more importantly, it signaled the beginning of autograph season.

Just over a month later, it was announced that Paul had been admitted into the hospital for oral cancer. That came as a shock to everyone. People knew something was wrong with Paul that was worse than announced. The papers said that he had an oral virus that he had been battling, but on TV, it honestly looked like Splitt had had a stroke. Just before his admittance to the hospital, Paul had filled in for Frank White as the color man on the Royals broadcast and his speech was more garbled than ever. I knew something was wrong, but I had no idea that it was a serious as it was. It wasn't until his hospital stay that everyone found out that Paul had been battling oral cancer and melanoma for two years.

Nine days after being admitted into the hospital, Paul passed away. You are missed, Splitt.

Paul is the Royals winningest pitcher and he was the first Royal to win twenty games in a season.

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