Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CWS Contest Update

The super regionals are set. Here are the sixteen teams that will be squaring off.

Arizona St(8) @ Texas(11)
Stanford(4) @ North Carolina(5)
UC Irvine(0) @ Virginia(9)
Connecticut(2) @ South Carolina(10)
Mississippi State(1) @ Florida(7)
Oregon State(8) @ Vanderbilt(5)
Dallas Baptist(0) @ California(4)
Texas A&M(3) @ Florida State(10)

Here is how all of the entries are looking. If you have a school listed after your name, then you still have a chance to earn some points.

Greg Z(1): South Carolina
Nathan (3): Cal, South Carolina, Miss St
Uncle Moe(2): Arizona St, Vandy
Play at the Plate(5): South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Vandy, Stanford
SCB.net(7): Virginia, Florida St, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Oregon St, UNC
Angels in Order(2): Texas, Oregon St
Lost Collector(5): A&M, UConn, Texas, Oregon St, UNC
Padrographs(3): Cal, Arizona St, Oregon St
Derek(4): Virginia, Texas, Vandy, UNC
Cubsfan(2): South Carolina, Florida
Joey D (3): Florida State, Florida, Arizona St
Dimwit(4): Virginia, Florida St, South Carolina, Texas
Spanker(3): Florida St, Arizona St, UNC
hiflew(3): Florida St, South Carolina, Texas
Ryan(7): Virginia, Florida St, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona St, Vandy, UNC
Eric L(2): Texas, Stanford
Matt P(3): A&M, Texas, Vandy
Dhoff(6): Virginia, Cal, A&M, UConn, Florida, Oregon St
Anthony(3): Florida St, Arizona St, Stanford
Kirk J(3): Virginia, Texas, Oregon St
Kazi(1): Florida
dgreen(4): Virginia, Cal, Florida St, Arizona St
Diamond King(5): Virginia, Florida St, South Carolina, Arizona St, Oregon St
Matt(1)t: Florida St
Card Hobbyist(4): Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Oregon St

If you think that I might have screwed up your score, I probably just did it on here (not on the chalkboard). But, just in case, let me know so that I can double check.


Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Wow, pretty decent so far!

Anonymous said...

Great update! 7 out of 16 ain't bad!