Monday, June 6, 2011

2005 Ultimate Collection, Devon Lowery

#160 Devon Lowery

Here is a card from the former Royals prospect, Devon Lowery. I got this card signed at Royals Fanfest in 2009, which, of course, was before it was known that Devon was going to miss the entire season. This is probably the only card that I own from the Ultimate Collection set and it is unfortunate that I was unaware of "prepping cards" early in 2009. For some reason, though, Devon's number didn't bubble as bad as his signature did. I wonder if that is because he signs his name faster than his number.

Devon was a 14th round draft pick of the Royals in 2001. He steadily progressed through the Royals system and in 2008, he got a September call-up by them. He pitched 4.1 innings that month and he gave up 5 runs while striking out 6.

Then Devon ended up missing the entire 2009 season and he only pitched 25.1 innings last season. The Royals released him after the season was up and it looks like Devon is still a free agent right now.

As for the College World Series contest, most of the 16 teams that are advancing to the Super Regional are known. But, there are still a few more games to be played. Therefore, I will recap which teams still have a chance to advance to Omaha tomorrow night.

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