Friday, March 4, 2011

2001 Royal Rookies, Ememencio Pacheco

#27 Ememencio Pacheco

Here is another autograph from the latest package that was sent to me by Paul's Random Stuff. The one features Ememencio (not Ememencia as listed on the card) Pacheco. If this guy did not acquire the nickname of Eminem during his playing days, then his teammates just were not trying.

Pacheco was signed by the Rockies out of the Domincan and he made his professional debut in the Arizona League in 1998. He played in the Rockies system until the 2002 season when he made his way to the White Sox organization. He stayed with the Sox into 2005, reaching as high as AAA, before he wound up in the Atlantic League later that season.

Pacheco has a career minor league record of 51-40 with a 4.34 ERA. His best season came at the AA level in 2003 when he posted career bests in wins (12) and ERA (2.56). His 2.56 ERA was the only sub-3.00 ERA he had posted at any level.

For some reason, this card got a little crooked when I scanned it. Rather than rescan it, I just did a bit of cropping of the card. That is why it looks like that.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Pacheco is one of the only players younger than me that I ever referred to that way - I could never manage to pronounce his first name properly.