Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1996 Bowman, Juan Melo

#127 Juan Melo

First off for the 1996 cards is a Padrograph. This one features Juan Melo.

Juan is a former Padre prospect that never really panned out for them. He was in AAA by his fourth season in pro ball, but I guess that he wasn't producing up to the Padres standards. So, in his sixth season, the Padres traded him to the Blue Jays who traded him to the Reds 41 AAA games later. That off-season, the Yankees signed him and then traded him during Spring Training to the Giants. He spent most of the year of with the Giants AAA team, but he did get an 11 game cup of coffee with the Giants. He went 1-13 with the Giants and even had an RBI. That was his only time spent in the Majors.

After that, he spent eight more years bouncing around between affiliated leagues and indy leagues. He spent some time in the Pacific Coast League, Northern League, Atlantic League, Mexican League, Eastern League, Golden League, and the Northeast League. The last season he played was in 2008.

When I first got this card, I assumed Juan was a pitcher based on the photo. Many months later, I discovered that he was a middle infielder.

I think that this is the only 1996 Bowman card that I own.


Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember Melo playing for the Lancaster Barnstormers. I think he might have been the first guy who actually played for them to get picked up by an affiliated team.

I also think you might have more 1996 Bowman cards than I do. :)

Play at the Plate said...

Doesn't Juan know his signature is too legible? That's a nice one Zman.