Thursday, April 30, 2009

1993 Topps, Rusty Meacham

#321 Rusty Meacham

Sorry about the late post tonight, but I have been battling some food poisoning all day. I had to call into work, but at least I was able to see parts of the Royals game today when I was awake.

This is the third and final Rusty Meacham card that I got signed at a Staten Island Yankees game last year. Rusty was the pitching coach for the Vermont Lake Monsters then. He is not with them now and I am not sure what he is doing. But, you can see the first card of him that I posted here and the second card here.

While I do not really remember him as a player, Royals Retrospective has a good little piece about him. By their count, Rusty is the 98th best player in Royals franchise history. I'm not sure if that is good for him or bad for the Royals or somewhere in between.

The last two cards have both been the gold insert cards from the set. I probably have about twelve from this set and I just happened to get these two signed within a month of each other.

Speaking of the Staten Island Yankees, here are a couple of pictures of their beautiful ballpark that I took last year. It is deffinintely a uniquie looking ballpark with a breath-taking view, a view that was even better prior to 9/11.


Dave said...

Oh're right. That's a breathtaking backdrop there.

Neat that you can see Meacham's grip so well.

Hope you start to feel better!

zman40 said...

I appreciate it, Dave.

night owl said...

The Staten Island Yankees are the former Watertown Indians (my town). They were moved their by the owners after poor attendance issues (they spent a long time denying that they were moving/or at least avoiding the subject, but everyone knew what was going on).

The owners have had their share of issues in Staten Island, too, though.

zman40 said...

Thanks for the info. What kind of problems would those be?

dinged corners said...

Great photos.